Shadow Box Fencing

The Straight Shadow Box Fence has pickets on each side of the fence and spaces between them in an alternating pattern. This allows for good airflow and gives each neighboring side a clean finished look. However, this style of wood fencing does not give you full privacy.

The Straight Shadowbox Fence is a great option because it is popular for it’s good looks and finish on both sides of the fence. The Straight Shadowbox Fence is also known as a board on board fence design. We offer this style of fence in western red cedar or as treated pine.

The advantages of the Shadow Box Fence is that it is a neighbor friendly fence that will look the same on both yours and your neighbor’s yards. The board on board style of a Shadow Box Fence is a little more modern than our standard privacy fence styles. Another advantage of the board on board fence is that some of the wind can pass through the vertical spaces that are left between the fence pickets.

The disadvantages of the board on board design are that it offers less acoustic protection and less privacy.

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