Board on Board Fencing

Board on Board Fences are a true full privacy cedar fence. The fence is designed with picket on picket that covers that very small spacing between boards. If you are a pet owner or if your neighbors own dogs, the board on board fence will help prevent your dogs or neighboring dogs from seeing through the gaps in the fence which will help to reduce barking. If you’re a pool or hot tub owner, the board on board fence will allow you to enjoy even more security and privacy in your outdoor area. For the most privacy, the Board on Board Fences can be installed at 8 feet. We recommend using steel fence posts instead of lumber for strength and durability. Please check with your homeowner’s association before installing a fence because you may need to get your neighbors permission for a style other than a traditional 6-foot cedar fence or good neighbor fence and to increase the height of the fence to 8 feet. The board on board fence also offers better acoustic protection by providing more of a sound barrier.

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